There are Holes in my Walls

There are holes in my walls, rounded fist sized holes, not an easy admission for one who so owns the preference of order and perfection. I can recall in those burgeoning first weeks of motherhood, being so off put by the absolute chaos created by the nine pound cherub who had wrenched from my hands […]

The Thing About Resolutions

While I welcome the advent of a New Year, the platitudes and clich├ęs that mark its passing feel stunted and silly.  The opportunity to pause and ponder is of great value to me, inviting the deep and introspective examination of who I am and where I am at, but if I am to be completely […]

There Is a House I Love

There is a house that I love.  It is not mine and its inhabitants are unfamiliar to me, but it is an alluring structure.  Magnolia trees line the gentle curve of the drive as if to beckon visitors to lean in, and the neatly trimmed lawn and carefully curated rose bushes that pepper the exterior […]